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Most Accurate Prediction For FUT16 Sixth TOTW

Sixth TOTW Prediction for FUT 16 has started. Next, I'll reveal the 11/18 selections correctly predicted from the official side. You may have noticed EA decided to throw a last minute curve-ball and expand the TOTW from 18 to 23 leaving last weeks prediction 5 players short, however this week 23 players have been predicted on the basis that this will continue throughout the year.

Top 10 FC Dallas Players Meeting in Wal-Mart and Play FIFA 16

Ten FC Dallas players will be around the metroplex on Sunday with EA Sports FIFA 16, the first two gamers who beat Kennedy and Gonzalez at FIFA 16 will each win an Xbox One compatible copy of the game. FC Dallas players will also be signing autographs at four Wal-Mart locations across the Metroplex Sunday. Each location is listed below.

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