Attacking and Defending Tips for FIFA 17

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Attacking and defending skills are vitally important in playing FIFA 17, as FIFA 17 is an intricate game, with several mechanics working together, so you need to practice, refine your skills. So here are attacking and defending tips to help you improve your skills for FIFA 17.


FIFA 17 tips


Attacking Tips

1. Learn individual tactics

Tactics are important when attcking. Check the individual tactics, which let you to control your player better like you want. For example, you can ask a striker to try and get behind the defence when you have the ball in midfield, or you can ask them to pull back and receive the ball.


2. New shots

Charging a powerful shot possibly, but keeping it closer to the ground by pressing the button a second time before the player hits the ball. This will result in a very strong low shot, and it will also work on the air and while heading the ball.


3. Know what types of players you got

Knowing the players you have belong to what kind of type is very important, so that you can grasp their strengths and weakness and you can play according to these characteristics.


Preferable Tips: Making your player with the ball turn around to the opponent and face him with two button pressed - LT and RT (Xbox) or L2 and R2 (PS), thus adjusting the ball to the sides and back without ever changing direction, which is good for setting up passes or a skill move. Pressing LT (Xbox) or L2 (PS) and the right analog stick when the ball is in the air, so that you can nudge the ball away from the defender with a touch to the chest or the head. It will of course work best with a high skill player.


Defending Tips 

1. Make use of the Skill Games

The training mini-games in FIFA 17 can help you greatly improve your defensive abilities. When your practice achieves positive effects in the defensive Skill Games section, you can defend properly.


2. Know tactics and the type of players

To defend properly you must first consider the type of tactics your team is using. On the other hand, you must also know the type of defenders you have, using them according to their strengths and weakness.


3. Contain the ball carrier's progress

Many players wrongly rush to the attacker, both leaving an opponent free to get the ball, and facilitating a dribble from the adversary. The priority should be contain the ball carrier's progress, by pressing the A (Xbox) or X (PS) - this will automatically place your defender in the opponent's path.


4. Avoid shots and crosses

It is always better to let the winger pass the ball back to a colleague over them having crossed into the area or even run towards goal. Sometimes you just can't cover all angles, so make priorities and choose wisely.


Preferable Tips: With LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation), you may request the assistance of an AI-controlled teammate, which will pressure the ball carrier. This technique is particularly effective in midfield when you are trying to exert strong pressure. Using the right analog stick to change the ball's direction away from your opponent. 


Above tips you shall pay attention to it even if they might not effective. But you have to keep it in mind practicing is a reliable way to improve your performance in FIFA 17.