Lost Ark: 8 PvP Rules That Will Help You Win More Often

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The testing ground in Lost Ark is not the easiest thing to do in the game, so let's look at a few tips to help players win more matches. Lost Ark The PvP system, at first glance, seems chaotic and perhaps even "superficial". But, having taken part in this and looking under the surface, it quickly becomes clear how much of a misunderstanding this is.

Lost Ark: 8 PvP Rules That Will Help You Win More Often

The Player-versus-Player content in Smilergate's Lost Ark has absurd depth and rewards (such as exclusive mounts), and the game is very different from any other combat throughout the game. With such a steep initial learning curve, players are pretty quick to abandon Lost Ark's PvP (thankfully, a lot more have been added to the game). Here are some of the best tips to help players avoid this.




8. Positioning is everything

This should be the first lesson for players to learn while diving into the Lost Ark Proving Ground, and it's a positioning lesson. While positioning matters for most of LA's endgame content, such as Abyssal Dungeons and Raids, things are a bit different here.

This is more than just making sure to stay away from red telegraphs and attack the boss from the most effective area for the class (attacks from the front or behind). In addition, players need to be aware of their animation triggers, the pixel-perfect range, and how far their opponent's attacks will reach. A simple misstep in positioning can easily land a player in an infinite combo that will take them from 100% to dead in seconds.



7. Learn about the importance of exfoliation

Pilling is a reasonably standard term in MMORPGs, MOBAs, and some other game genres. Essentially, this means getting enemies' aggro away from allies so they can drop, move, and deal their damage.

In some video games, this kind of League of Legends, Peeling is a natural phenomenon and is relatively easy to understand. However, in Lost Ark, this is a little more difficult, as an extra step forward can result in the player hitting a semi-infinite combo. So here are some ideas to preserve in my thoughts:

  • Peeling is primarily about attracting aggro, not dealing damage.
  • Players should never abandon the person who cleaned for them.
  • From time to time, it's just not well worth the risk and sawing an ally.



6. Understanding Class Flowcharts

A fair comparison between the PVP Lost Ark mode and the fighting game genre can be made. Both games require players to learn the "flowchart" of their character/class. "Block diagram" includes:

  • What skills are most optimal for use in each specific situation.
  • What to do when the Skill hits or misses, and what should be the next step.
  • Which Skills stack into each other as part of a combo, and when to use the Skills individually.

Regardless of which class you play in Lost Ark, it's essential to understand your class's flowchart.



5. You don't have to send every time fully

Strategy. When most Lost Ark players start immersing themselves in PVP games, it's straightforward to fall into the false narrative that every battle continues until someone dies. In the lower MMR, players are more likely to commit to every fight, also known as "sink or swim". But this tactic becomes less and less effective the more people choose higher-level players.

Lost Ark's PVP is a concept built around "guerrilla warfare". Rather than one primary interaction, it's better to have a series of more minor interactions where players focus on safely exiting a fight after completing their full combo and returning only after that combo is ready again or a window of opportunity appears.



4. Learn the Lost Ark crowd control rules

The crowd control at the Arcesia Proving Ground is massive. There are three different "types" of control in Lost Ark: Stagger, Knock Up and Stun. Everyone has their own "Immunity", which players will see in the description of their skills. Understanding what types of CC exist in a game, how each type works, and what they look like can make a big difference in a player's win and loss statistics.

  • Stagger (Immune to Paralysis): This is when the player's attack animation is interrupted by another attack, also known as "Stagger". Outside of their attack. Basic attacks usually inflict a daze.
  • Knock Up (Push Immunity): This is visually obvious, as it's either when the player gets knocked up in the air or falls to the ground. The recovery action can be used while you are stuck in this CC.
  • Stun (Immune to Debuffs): "Most difficult"; a form of CC, Stun stops the player in place, gives them stars above their heads, and prevents them from using any abilities. It is impossible to get rid of it instantly.

In addition, there are three types of "Super Armor" in the game that use specific keywords to indicate which CC they cancel or are "immune"; against. Immunity to paralysis ignores daze; Push immunity ignores Knock Up; immunity to debuffs ignores all control effects, including the stun.



3. Play in 21:9 format

There is a debate between players using their default or "forced" permission in standard Lost Ark content, which is very PvE-oriented. Many players don't even know this option exists. The 21:9 aspect ratio doesn't have a lot of ground to stand on it. Players can see a little farther in all directions thanks to the broader camera, but there are also nasty letterboxes at the top and bottom of the screen, and the UI doesn't take advantage of that new empty blank space. Generally.

However, in PvP, this aspect is almost essential to making significant rankings progress. Without it, players will constantly get hit by the Bard, Sorceress, and Dead Eye skills without seeing where they are coming from. Also, some skills with the right tripods enabled can cover more than the entire screen, so this aspect ratio also allows players to use their skills more effectively.



2. Cowards usually win

Anyone who plays a projectile or a technical character in a fighting game knows this, but a win is a win. It doesn't matter what it takes. Fox players can spam their blaster in Super Smash Bros as much as they want; Guile can spam Sonic Booms in Street Fighter; Faust can drop Lost Ark gold and items into Guilty Gear all day long - they will all count as legitimate winners.

The same methodology applies to PvP Lost Ark, where "cowards" usually reign supreme. It boils down to this: Safely enter and unload the main class combo, exit while the enemy is down, and use every tool to stay away from him until the combo recovers. And when the player becomes low on HP, he must try to maximize the clock before dying. Just rinse and repeat.



1. Know your role

Finally, Lost Ark PvP players should learn their role concerning their class. . For the most part, the combat role of each class in PvP is very similar to their role in PvE content. Riflemen are aggressive tanks, berserkers are damage dealing, and sorceresses are queens who set traps.

Essentially, all players need to learn what their class excels at in PvP and adapt their playstyle accordingly, not just go all-in—every time. But there are a few exceptions, for instance, help courses and martial artists (including the new Chief Physician class). Bards and paladins, in particular, are powerful PvP players that will take most PvE players by surprise.


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