NHL 18 The Ratings Overhaul: The Real Elite Talent Shine

fifa16-coins Date: Aug/31/17 16:22:53 Views: 2004

Since talent is more spread out throughout the league, in order to the real elite talent shine, the ratings overhaul should be attentioned, after all, it make for a more interesting dynamic in NHL 18. Hence, as a whole, with the revamp of the ratings, every player in the game took a hit to their overall ratings. 



Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby lead the top players in the game, both rated 93 overall. In contrast, last season Jonathan Toews was rated 94 overall and was behind Crosby for the top center in NHL 17. So yes, every player has been rated lower than in previous games. For the Blackhawks, there is representation from four top players: Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, and Corey Crawford.


Now, Let's Take A Look At Some Top Players


Right Wing

Top Player: Patrick Kane (91 OVR)

Blackhawks: Patrick Kane (91 OVR)


Left Wing

Top Player: Alex Ovechkin (92 OVR)

Blackhawks: None



Top Player: Carey Price (92 OVR) 

Blackhawks: Corey Crawford (87 OVR)



Top Players: Erik Karlsson, Drew Doughty (91 OVR)

Blackhawks: Duncan Keith (90 OVR)



Top Players: Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby (93 OVR)

Blackhawks: Jonathan Toews (89 OVR)


Above player ratings are some top players overall ratings, if you longing to know more players ratings, reference from here. The overall ratings are being pushed down, this year's edition is slightly different though, including general game-play improvements as well as a more in depth franchise mode.