NBA 2K18 Is One Of The Best-Looking Sports Games Around

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In this year's NBA 2K18, MyGM and MyLeague modes take center stage in the game. Since MyGM: The Next Chapter, a new mode which puts players behind the scenes and allows them to take control of building a roster away from the court. As a sport video game, NBA 2K18 is easily the most ambitious. More and more players admire Visual Concepts' tenacity. Here's everything you need to know about:



MyGM Story Mode is NBA 2K18's unique and brand new mode. The game also introduces a PlayStation home-like online hub called the Neighborhood. Year after year, they try to blow the doors off sports gaming with an amazing basketball sim-one that raises the bar and gets EA scrambling to keep up. 


NBA 2K18 is one of the best-looking sports games around, with incredible commentary. Speaking of NBA 2K18's other mode, such as MyCareer mode, MyCareer is all but inaccessible when played offline, leaving behind a sad shell that removes all of the story aspects and leaves you to play through a basic NBA schedule. 


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