NBA 2K18 Approaches Photorealism With Its First Trailer Of Gameplay

fifa16-coins Date: Aug/11/17 14:40:48 Views: 1983

NBA 2K18 is full of eyes with his first video, and announces in passing the availability of a demo.



Mine of nothing, to a month of its release, it is only now that NBA 2K18 is entitled to its first trailer using the engine of the title. The developers come out directly with a video devoted to improvements that will make the experience more photorealistic than ever.




They explain to us here, visuals of a rare credibility in support, that they focused especially on three points.


Photo techniques - Developers have used new photo techniques that allow color separation for more precise skin tones that react to light as is the case in reality.

Outfits - The team traveled to the NBA offices in New York to digitize each of the new Nike outfits and over 200 pairs of shoes to capture every detail, down to the smallest seam.

MyPLAYER - This year, the personalization of players is unprecedented. With almost unlimited amounts of body and options, it will be possible to adjust almost all the characteristic features of the athletes in the game.


NBA 2K18 will be released on September 15 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and Switch, the specifics of this latest version not being known. On PS4 and Xbox One, the Prelude demo will allow us to start MyCareer mode before importing our data in the final version, and it will be available on September 8th. Remember to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT on U4NBA to help you collect the players you want for your team.