Madden NFL 18 Review Of The Main Innovations

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The 98th season of the NFL has just begun and fans have enjoyed excellent matches so far. Of course, the videogame community is also entitled to its experience thanks to EA Sports and Madden NFL 18. The title again offers some very interesting new features and the team of Geeks and Com offers you the complete test done on Xbox One.



Technical Sheet


Release Date: August 25, 2017

Style: Sports and Simulation

ESRB / PEGI Rating: E / PEGI Rating:

Developer: EA Sports

Publisher: EA Sports

Language of Operation:

Available on Xbox One and PS4

Testing on Xbox One

Price for the test: $ 79.99 / € 64.99

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American Adventure


One of the main innovations is the adventure mode, Longshot, integrated by EA Sports on FIFA 17, on Madden NFL 18. The player there incarnates, therefore, the young Devin Wade who tries to have a chance to be drafted by one of the teams of the National Football League. A lot like the games developed by Telltale Games while using the experience gained with Alex Hunter on FIFA, the Longshot mode mixes a quality scenario, decisive choices, but also some phases of gameplay. For my part, I had some disappointments on this new game mode. In FIFA 17, the player had the chance to express himself on the field playing more than 10 games. For Madden NFL 18, the whole thing is very different! Indeed, the narrative takes a much more important place and there is little action. Fortunately, the main story imagined by the developers is interesting even if the latter is rather classic without any surprise and unexpected ending. In other words, the Longshot mode is a nice entry for the Madden NFL franchise, but it will have to be refined if EA Sports wishes to continue this adventure in the next installment of the series.


Always More Immersive


If you like most sports games developed by EA Sports, you may have already noticed that the Madden NFL franchise is often the one with the most elements and novelties to achieve a very high level of realism. This is again the case with this edition 2018 which offers always more options to increase the immersion and the realism of the game. The use of the Frosbite engine is still in the game and offers stadiums , players and actions very well modeled. At the level of the game sensations, the developers did not try to modify too much the way of playing. A logical and safe choice especially when I consider the series as one of the best sports simulations of the videogame market. Without being too easy, the title offers an appreciable difficulty and allows to live emotions during the different matches. In my opinion, the intense action of the NFL is very well transcribed in this Madden NFL 18.


Return Of Online Cooperation


The other important novelty, if we can call it that, is the return of the MUT Squads. Absent for a few years, many players had mentioned their interest in the return of this mode of play. As the name suggests, the MUT Squads is an important part of the Ultimate Team. This time, however, there is the possibility of playing with three of his friends on the same team. Each player has a special role, whether as the head coach, the offensive leader or the defensive player. Do not worry, no matter the phase, play, each player will be present on the field to participate in the action.


Regarding only the Ultimate Team mode which allows to base the team of his dreams, I must absolutely mention the possibility to participate and to qualify to the MUT Champions. This mode is a kind of competition bringing together the best players and the best teams from all over the world. In other novelties, there are the challenges against artificial intelligence and the integration of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise from the Longshot mode.


Comments That Adapt To The Season


One side that is least discussed during the various tests of the Madden NFL franchise opus is the incredible quality of the comments and analyzes made by Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis during the games. For my part, I consider these two men to be true legends and we find thousands of sentences more different than the others. At this level, each update allows EA Sports to integrate new comments that are adapted to the actual events of the NFL. Once again this aspect allows the franchise to be one of the best sports simulations in the world.




Often criticized by the gaming community, Electronic Arts and its branch EA Sports offer with Madden NFL franchise, one of the best sports simulations from year to year. If we can sometimes be very critical about the work of developers, we must also highlight the good moves. This Madden NFL 18 comes in this category with the advent of Longhshot mode, ever more immersive gameplay phases and the return of the MUT Squads allowing to play in team online. Moreover, even if I did not approach it in this test, because there is little innovation, the mode franchise to play a player, an owner or a coach is still as complete. Nevertheless, the title is not without defect especially on the level of the duration of the adventure of Devin Wade and I hope that the next opus of the series will rectify the shot!


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