Madden 18: How To Raise Your Rating And Strengthen The Bond With Friend

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In the past years, Madden has had relocation, it has no league expansion concept and there are too many restrictions. Now, some NFL players show slower regression over their careers, but there should be a regression rating for every player. Obviously, if you desire to know more NFL player ratings and this year's Madden 18's the latest official information, visit the official website here



Longshot, a new story mode for this game, you will experience a flashback in which Devin Wade plays football with his best friend Colt Cruise in childhood. Later, you will make your way to the "Regional Combine" together. If you want to raise your rating early and strengthen the bond with your friend, you choose the following answers in the talks: 


At the hotel you decide for reject

In the truck you choose Have Mercy opposite Colt. 

Then you should sing with your friend - he will be happy

In the introduction with the kids you choose "Change The Play". 

When you call in the Regional Combine you choose "Hush Colt". 

Mario Gonzales tries to lure you out of the reserve. Block with "Ignore Him". 

In conversation with the TV managers, you choose "Question" every time."

Your chance for a successful draft in "Longshot": The "Regional Combine".

Your friend feels discouraged. Choose "Encourage Colt" and help him on the next turn. That also increases your rating. 


Let's know this game's more details, as we know already, there was a lot of information released by the Madden developers in regards to the changes to game modes, they will make the improvements to the mode. Are you eager to buy madden mobile coins? Stay tuned U4GM.