Get More FIFA 16 Coins: Cards Discard

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In order to build a great squad, we must invest a lot of FIFA Coins. But how to accumulate so many FIFA Ultimate Team coins? With the Discarding Cards method, you can achieve your dreams in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 16 Coins


What Is The Cards Discard?


In FIFA Ultimate Team, club’s assets are represented by cards. These cards can mean the possession of players, technical staff, property or even the ability to change the moral, tactical positioning or physical condition. None of these cards have a fixed price. All of them are ruled by the FIFA Ultimate Team market.


Every time you discard a card, called the quick sale, you get a compensation of a few FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. By ignorance, many people put items on sale for a price lower than the retribution which they could make for a quick sale. Take advantage!


How To Discard Items?


Some people put items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell. The only way to acquire them is buying them, either through exchange for coins or other items, either by purchasing packs. The reverse process can be made through the sale or xchange, its use in the case of consumables or through  the more direct way of all: the discard.


This last method is based on the item elimination through the use of a function called "quick sell". We stopped being the owners of discarded cards but receive some coins as compensation. If you know what you are doing, you can earn a lot of coins discarding cards.


How To Earn FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Discarding Cards?


Every time we discard an item, we are compensated with the credit of some FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. However, in the majority of cases, such compensation is much lower than the market value of that card. But not always. By ignorance, some people put items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell. The loss of some is the gain of others.

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The 3-Step Method:


Step Number One – Search

The first step is to search for items on the market which price is lower than the compensation of a quick sell. Use the search filters in order to be easier to find what you want.


Step Number Two – Buy

Once found the opportunity, it is time to acquire it. Buy the item as cheaply as you can but do not get overtaken by other players who may be trying to do the same. If the opportunity is too good, you can use the option ‘Buy now’: by a predetermined value by the seller, you can purchase the item before the auction ends.


Step Number 3 – Sell

Any surplus value materializes with the sale. Once you have the card in your possession, discard it doing a quick sell. Unlike the sales made in the market, you do not pay taxes on the quick sell.


If you wish to get a lot of coins by applying Cards Discard method successfully, please read the articles carefully. Start building the team of your dreams!