FIFA Mobile Receives A New Season Now

fifa16-coins Date: Nov/28/17 16:11:51 Views: 2108

A new season arrives at FIFA Mobile. The mobile game of EA Sports is renewed one more year and does it with a free Cristiano Ronaldo for everyone.


Mobile video game players will notice that Electronic Arts improved the mobile and tablet app giving them more control over their movements and allowing them to create better squads.



Electronic Arts made some improvements to the FIFA Mobile app, the mobile version for iOS and Android of its very popular FIFA video game franchise. The update includes new features that will make the plays feel more natural, according to the video game publisher.


EA says he improved the Campaign mode with a new experience for a single user that will allow him to use the best players in every game, including Ronaldinho, Owen and Maldini. In total they can choose players from 550 teams (present and old guard) to create their star template.


In addition, all users will receive a talent from Cristiano Ronaldo that will help them select the best players for their spreadsheet and advance their squad. Another function will give them more control when defending their goal and offensive, when shooting at goal.


In the new season of FIFA Mobile you'll have the opportunity to train Players. You'll be able to train any Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite or Master when the new season comes in November! Build your Ultimate Team! Along with your ability to build your Ultimate Team by Training players, each Skill Boost will help raise Player's OVR and stats. Like Training, each Skill Boost can also be improved!


If you have not yet downloaded FIFA Mobile to your iPhone X or Samsung Note 8 phone, the recent update may convince you to do so. Consider it and you'll save energy for when EA launches the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia video game next year.


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