2K Games Has Released A New Live-Action Trailer For NBA 2K18

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The Neighborhood is a brand new game mode that you will be able to play in NBA 2K18. If you want to get a taste of NBA 2K18 and The Neighborhood, you already can.  Once the full game launches, players will be able to enjoy unparalleled gaming experience. This game's the Prelude Demo is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, For more information on the Prelude Demo, see more at here.



2K Games has released a new live-action trailer for NBA 2K18, called Handshakes. And, well, it pretty much delivers on what the name suggests. The video follows a young boy walking through his neighborhood, through a bar, a tattoo parlor, and other places. On his way, he runs into a bunch of friends, which, as it turns out, are NBA stars. He exchanges a different handshake with every one of them, each more elaborate than the last. This following is detailed video, please enjoy it. 




In fact, the above video mainly introduce the concept of The Neighborhood, it's also a new game mode in NBA 2K18. You can check out the tattoo parlor and barber shop to change the look of your player, listen to music at the record shop, meet NPCs and other players, etc. Of course, you can also compete against the others in The Playground. In a word, The Neighborhood will be a social space for players to come to and hang out. 


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